How to Get Tumblr Themes From People's Tumblrs

By Jen Cordwainer

You can track down a Tumblr theme source in the footer, source code or style sheets.
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As you browse Tumblr, you might come across a theme that you wish to install on your own Tumblr blog. Depending on how the theme was developed, you might not be able to find identifying features easily. Checking the footer credit, source code and style sheet can help you track down the theme's source. Additionally, you can contact the Tumblr blog's owner to see if they'll share the theme information with you.

Check the Footer Credit

Most Tumblr themes have a credit in the footer that names the theme and links to the developer website. Scroll to the bottom of the Tumblr blog to find this identifying information. If the blog uses infinite scroll, you might not be able to reach the bottom of the page easily. Search the navigation bar for other blog pages that might yield the footer information. Once you find the credits, click on the theme name and then click "Install" to load this theme onto your own Tumblr blog.

Examine the Source Code

If you are unable to find a credit link at the bottom of a Tumblr page, you might be able to find developer information in the source code. Visit the blog using the theme you wish to acquire, open the "View" menu on your browser (press "Alt" if you don't see it) and click "Source." This loads the HTML code of the blog. Generally, developer credits will be contained between HTML comments tags, which are only visible in the source code. These comments are surrounded by tags like "<!--" and "-->" If you find a link to the developer's website in the comments you can visit their page and install the theme on your own blog.

Look at the Theme Style Sheet

Developer credits and theme information can also be found on the theme's style sheet. This is a section of code that defines all of the stylistic elements on a Tumblr blog, such as font sizes and colors. You can locate a theme's style sheets by opening the source code and searching for URLs that end with ".css." Paste the URL into your address bar and examine the code for any mention of the developer or their website.

Contact the Blog Owner

If you are still unable to find a link to the theme installation page or a developer's webpage, you might want to contact the blog owner directly. Tumblr's "Ask" feature allows you to send questions to blog owners. Search their page for a link that says "Ask," type your query into the text field and click "Submit."