How to Hide the Source on Tumblr Posts

By Jen Cordwainer

Avoid hiding Tumblr source links if the post content does not belong to you.
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Tumblr automatically adds attribution links to content shared via reblogging and new post entries for video and link content. You should only remove source links if you own the content, created it, or if it is free of all copyright and distribution policies. You can remove post sources by manually deleting them within the post editor or by altering your theme's HTML code.

Attribution, Copyright and Web Etiquette

Generally, you should always include a source link to any content that is not yours. For example, commercial and creative content might be protected by copyright, and you might receive a DCMA Copyright Notice from the content owner if you do not adhere to the proper credit guidelines for their work. Even if the content is not copyrighted, many consider it unethical to post content without sources, since viewers might believe that you created it yourself.

Copy and Paste Content

One of the fastest ways to remove a source from content is by highlighting a post without the source attributions and copying it. Open your Tumblr Dashboard and press "New Post." Paste the content into the editor and click "Publish."

Hiding Sources from Reblogged Content, Video and Link Posts

When you create a new video post or link post, Tumblr automatically updates the text fields with links to the sources. If you wish to remove these attributions, simply highlight the source text in the post editor and delete them. Keep in mind that they will appear again if you enter a new URL or make edits to the existing URL. When you reblog a post, you can delete the source attribution in the text editor, then press "Reblog Post."

Automatic Reblog Source Removal

You can change the HTML code in your Tumblr theme to automatically remove sources from reblogged posts. According to theme developers at Athenability Themes (link in Resources), you can use the following code revisions to remove post sources. Visit your Tumblr dashboard and click "Customize." Choose "Edit HTML" and paste the following code into the editor, before the {/block:Posts} tag:

<div class="sources"> {block:ContentSource} Source: <a href="{SourceURL}">{SourceTitle} </a> {/block:ContentSource} {block:RebloggedFrom} Via: <a href="{ReblogParentURL}">{ReblogParentName}</a> {/block:RebloggedFrom}</div>

Click "Save" and scroll to the bottom of the "Customize" menu. Expand the "Advanced Options" section and paste the following into the "Add Custom CSS" section: .sources { filter:alpha(opacity=0); opacity:0; }