The Best Ways to Get a Hidden Music Player on Tumblr

by Geoff Whiting

The social blogging service Tumblr has a native audio player and supports many music players from other developers, but these can clash with your theme if visitors can see them. To make everything look just right, you can hide the music player on your Tumblr page by adjusting its color or size. For the best results, stick to audio players that use songs from music services instead of using those that play animated graphics or videos.

Music Players

To hide a music player you’ll first need to sign up for a music service that has an embedded feature and works with Tumblr. Music programs such as Billy, Hypster and SCM Music Player (links in Resources) provide you with HTML code to embed into your Tumblr theme’s code. The HTML will include options to set a color or a size, which is required so you can hide the player. Tumblr’s default audio player also has color options that help you hide it from view.

Color Changes

In the HTML code for your Tumblr theme, you can adjust the color of some music players. For Tumblr’s default player, you can set it to one of three color schemes that will blend in to a background of the same color by changing the code to (without quotes throughout): "{AudioPlayerBlack}," "{AudioPlayerWhite}" or "{AudioPlayerGrey}." In the default player and third-party audio players can also adjust the color in the lines that contain “var color =”FFFFFF” and “var player = tumblr_api_read['posts'][0]['audio-player'].replace("color=FFFFFF", "color= " + color).” For these, you’ll want to change the “FFFFFF” to the six-digit hex color number of the color you want to use. Black, for example, is “000000.”

Sizing It Down

Third-party music players give you embeddable code that has an adjustable width and height. You can set both the width and height to one pixel by adjusting the number in the width and height attribute; it will read as something like “width: 1px; height: 1px;” or “width=“1” height=“1”. This will make the music player too small for anyone to see on your screen. Adjust the player's border to the same one-pixel measurements. Do not set the width and height to zero because this violates the terms of service for some players.

Avoid Video Options

Some music players use YouTube URLs as their music source and provide you a way to hide the entire player. Do not use any of these because they violate YouTube’s terms of service by not showing the video; you can get in trouble and potentially lose your Tumblr blog if this violation is reported. Most video players require that you have a visible video player, so it is best to avoid using hidden music players that use video files for their music.

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