How to Hook Up an External Monitor to an Asus Vivo Tab Smart

By David Weedmark

A micro HDMI adapter connects to any HDMI cable.
i olgaman/iStock/Getty Images

Concealed within the slim design of the Asus Vivo Tab Smart is a micro HDMI port, which can be used to connect it to an external monitor or HDTV. All you need to do this is an HDMI cable and a micro HDMI adapter. Removing the port cover on the tablet may take a bit of effort the first time, but once the tablet is connected, Windows 8 will automatically display your screen on the external monitor.

Removing the Micro HDMI Cover

The micro HDMI port on the Asus Vivo Tab Smart is located on the upper left edge, beside the Asus logo. The port cover has a thin groove. If you insert your fingernail into the groove, you can pull out the cover. The cover remains tethered to the tablet and can be replaced again by pressing it into the port. If your fingernail isn't long enough, use the tip of a dull knife or a nail file.

Connecting the Adapter

Connect a micro HDMI adapter to the micro HDMI port on the Asus. Connect an HDMI cable to the monitor, and then connect the adapter to the HDMI cable. As soon as you turn on the monitor, Windows 8 will automatically detect the tablet signal and mirror the tablet's display on the monitor.