How to Auto Next Page on Tumblr

by Andrea Ruiz

When you scroll past the first ten posts on your Tumblr dashboard, the site displays a link to view the next ten posts on a separate page. Your blog also includes navigation links for the next and previous pages of blog posts. However, endless scrolling enables Tumblr to automatically load the next page of posts when you reach the end of the first ten. You can enable endless scrolling on your dashboard through your account settings, and on your blog through your choice of theme.

On the Dashboard

While logged into Tumblr, click the gear icon to visit your customizations page. Select the "Dashboard" tab, and then check the box next to "Enable Endless Scrolling." Click the "Save" button to save your changes. When you next visit your Tumblr dashboard, it will automatically load the next 10 posts after you scroll past the first 10. Because so many posts on Tumblr are media-heavy, endless scrolling can be resource-intensive on older computers and may cause your dashboard to load more slowly.

On Your Blog

To enable endless scrolling on your blog, you must first install a theme that enables the feature. You can see which native Tumblr theme includes endless scrolling by browsing the theme gallery (link in Resources) and then clicking the thumbnail of the theme. The theme's description usually notes if it includes endless scrolling. You can click "Install" on a free theme, or "Purchase" on a premium theme, to add it to your Tumblr.

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