Can You Set Times for Posts in Your Queue on Tumblr?

By Alan Sembera

You can use Tumblr's scheduling features to set up specific publication times for your queued blog posts. You can specify an exact publication date and time for each post, or you can set up a daily schedule in which your posts go live within a certain time period. If you schedule more than one post per day, Tumblr automatically spreads them out so that your followers have time to appreciate one post before seeing the others.

Assign Times to Each Post

Begin a new post. Alternatively, click the gear icon on a post already in your queue, and then select "Edit."

Click the arrow on the posting button, and then select "Publish On."

Set the date and time you want Tumblr to publish the post. You can enter a relative date and time in the format "next friday, 11am", or you can use the standard format "6/15/14 11am".

Click "Schedule Post."

Set Up a Posting Schedule

Click "Queue" on your dashboard to view your queued posts.

Select the number of posts you want to publish per day. You can automatically publish up to 50 posts each day.

Set a time range for when Tumblr should publish the posts. Tumblr staggers the posts evenly over the selected timeframe. To publish one post a day at exactly 5 p.m., for example, set the time range to between "4 pm" and "6 pm." When publishing two or more posts per day, increase the time range to publish them further apart.

Click the "Save" button to update the posting schedule. Tumblr shows new publication dates and times next to each queued post. You may need to play with the time settings to achieve the best schedule. Click "Save" after each change to see the results.

Change the publication order of your queued posts by clicking the crosshairs icon on a post and dragging it to a new position in the queue.