How to Put an Embedded Video Into Tumblr Post

By Andrea Ruiz

You can upload videos to Tumblr directly from your phone or webcam.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Tumblr's blogging platform enables you to make posts to your blog in a variety of media formats, including embedded video. You can embed videos from video-streaming websites such as YouTube and Vimeo by copying and pasting the video's URL, or you can insert the full embed code into your post. Tumblr also allows you to upload your own videos to your blog posts, provided that they fall within the site's video-posting and formatting guidelines.

Copy the URL or embed code of the video on Vimeo or YouTube that you'd like to share to your computer's clipboard, if you want to embed an external video to your Tumblr. Or, save your video file as an MP4 file with AAC audio.

Log in to your Tumblr account and select the blog in which you want to embed the video from the drop-down menu of blogs on your dashboard.

Click the "Video" post icon.

Paste the video's URL or embed code in the "Embed Code or Video URL" field of the dialog box that launches. Tumblr automatically pre-populates the post with information about your video, such as its title, description and source. Alternatively, click the "Or Choose a File" field, browse your hard drive for your video file and double-click it to automatically upload it to your post.

Add any additional content, captions, tags and information in the post form, and then click the "Post" button to publish your embedded video to your Tumblr blog.


To upload a video to your Tumblr, it must be under five minutes long, have maximum dimensions of 500 pixels high by 700 pixels wide, and a file size of 100MB or less. The file must also be in MP4 format, with AAC audio recording.


Tumblr allows you to upload only five minutes of video files per day to your account. You can upload more than one video per day, but the running time of all videos must total five minutes or less. If you're embedding a video from an external source such as Vimeo or YouTube, there is no maximum time limit on the video length.