How to Make a Tumblr Blog Into an XML File

By David Weedmark

Whether you are planning to move your Tumblr blog to WordPress or someplace else, or you just want a backup copy of your posts to keep on your computer, saving your blog as an XML file doesn't take long, nor does it require that you know any code. The Tumblr2WordPress tool is a free online resource for saving any Tumblr blog as an XML file. Once you enter your blog's name and select your download options, the XML file is automatically downloaded to your computer.

Go to your Tumblr blog, and then highlight its name in the browser's address bar. This is the first word or words before "" For example, if your blog's URL is "," highlight "myownblog". Press "Ctrl-C" to copy the name to your computer's clipboard.

Navigate to the tumblr2wordpress website (see Resources). Click in the "Tumblr Account" text field, and then press "Ctrl-V" to paste your blog's name in the text field.

Select "HTML" in the Exported Content Format section. This gives you an XML file.

Select the format option you prefer in the Permalink Slugs section. By default, posts are identified by Tumblr postID numbers, but you can change this to text names or combine postID numbers with names. Either of these options are useful if you plan to upload your XML file to a website like WordPress, otherwise it doesn't really matter which you choose.

Select "Self-Hosted WordPress Installation" in the Export For section, unless you plan to upload your Tumblr blog to a website, in which case choose the " Hosted Blog" option.

Change the options in the Post Options section only if you plan to upload the XML file to a WordPress blog. The Imported Post Status option lets you set your posts as drafts or publish them immediately as soon as the XML file is uploaded to WordPress. You can also disable or enable comments and pings in this section.

Click the "Export" button. After several seconds, your Tumblr blog is downloaded to your computer as an XML file. You can drag the file into any Web browser window to read it.


XML files do not save any photos, videos, music or other content besides text.