How to Put Pictures in the Queue Faster in Tumblr

By Tricia Goss

Using blog tools can help you keep your blog active without staying glued to your computer.
i Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Consistently sharing new posts, photos and other content can help keep your blog followers engaged. One way to do so is to use Tumblr's Queue, which allows you to load several posts and stagger publishing them over a set period of hours or days. You can post up to 50 items in the Queue each day. Adding that many pictures individually can be time consuming, but you can load them more quickly by adding them in bulk.

Create a folder on your desktop by right-clicking the desktop, pointing to "New" and selecting "Folder." Name the folder Tumblr Pics or anything that will help you find it more easily.

Drag or copy and paste up to 50 photos that you want to add to your Tumblr Queue into the folder.

Log in to Tumblr. Click the "Photo" button on your dashboard to open a new post window.

Click "Choose up to 10 Photos." Double-click the new folder you created. Select the check boxes next to the first 10 photos and click "Open."

Point to the first photo and click on the "Caption" button if you want to add a caption. Do so for all 10 pictures.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the "Post" button and select "Add to Queue." Click "Queue Post." to add all 10 photos to your queue. Add the remaining pictures 10 at a time until you are done.


To change your queue settings, click the gear icon, click on your blog name and select the settings you want to use in the Queue section. To rearrange queued posts, click Queue from the dash. Click the up and down arrows in the queued posts to move them to the desired order.