How to Get Rid of Sections on a Tumblr Theme

By James T Wood

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer announces the company's acquisition of Tumblr.
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Tumblr blogs offer the ability to create subsections through the use of different pages. Each page still belongs on your main blog, with the same theme, but can contain different content. If you want to get rid of a section or add a new section, you don't do so from the main editing section; you need to edit the theme of your blog.


Tumblr's pages are a way that you can create static content that lives on your blog. The idea is that if you want to highlight one thing and have it always easily accessible, you will put it on a page, whereas the main section of your blog will change as you post new things and the newest post is placed at the top. But, since the pages are static and designed to be set once and then left alone, the editing feature for pages is buried in the theme customization area of Tumblr.

Remove a Page

If you're done with the section of your blog that's defined by a certain page, you can easily delete it. Browse to Tumblr's site, log in with your username and password, and click the gear icon at the top of your dashboard. Choose your blog from the options on the left and then click the "Customize" button in the Theme section. When the customization site appears, you can scroll down to the bottom of the left pane and see all the pages on your Tumblr blog. Click the "X" next to the title of the section you want to remove from your theme. Click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the page and it will go away. Once you delete it, you cannot undelete it, so if you want to save the contents of the page, do so before deleting it from your blog.

Add a Page

In the theme customization section, you can add pages by clicking the "Add Page" link in the pane on the left. You can then edit the content of your page, including the URL. You can click the six dots to the left of your page title in the theme customization pane to drag and rearrange the pages you have if you don't want to delete a section, but you just want reorder how the sections appear on your blog.


Sometimes you want to move people off of your Tumblr blog to another site on the Internet. You can use the Pages feature on Tumblr to create a redirecting link to another site. If you add a page and then click the drop-down menu at the top of the page editing pane and select "Redirect" instead of Standard Layout, you can create a link that will go to a different site. In the blog URL section, add a URL on your Tumblr blog that will serve as a placeholder, for example: "" where "placeholder" is the name of the page on Tumblr that will redirect to an external site. In the redirect field below that, you can put the URL of the page you want people to go to. When you're done, click "Save" and the new link will appear under your picture on your Tumblr blog.