How to Share Your Tumblr Blog With Anyone

By Jen Cordwainer

Change the settings on your Tumblr blog to make it easier to share.
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According to Quantcast, a digital advertising company, Tumblr received more than 6.6 billion page views in March 2013. This immensely popular social media platform makes it easy for you to share content with massive audiences. You can make your Tumblr posts more accessible by customizing your URL, switching on search engine indexing permissions, linking your social media accounts and sharing individual posts online.

Customize and Share Your URL

Log into your Tumblr account and click the settings icon, which looks like a small gear. Click on your blog's name in the sidebar. Here you can find the URL that others can use to visit your Tumblr blog. You can type a new, custom URL into this field and click "Save" to change the URL at any time. Ideally, a Tumblr URL should be short and memorable enough for people to type into their browsers. You can direct people to your Tumblr blog by sharing this URL with others via online communications, marketing materials or in person.

Link Your Social Media Accounts

Scroll down to the Twitter and Facebook sections of the "Settings" page and check "Share Posts." Click "Sign in with Facebook" or "Sign in with Twitter" to connect these accounts to your Tumblr blog. After enabling these features, your new Tumblr posts are automatically shared on these social media accounts unless you unselect them in the post editor.

Enable Search Engine Indexing

You can share your blog with a larger audience by allowing people to search for your Tumblr account using popular search engines. You can give search engines permission to list your Tumblr account by returning to the "Settings" menu for your blog and checking "Allow Search Engines to Index Your Blog." This can help connect you with a wider range of visitors, since your individual posts and Tumblr blog pages will appear when someone searches for keywords related to your blog.

Sharing Individual Posts

In addition to sharing your entire blog with audiences, you can also share individual posts with others. This process can differ from blog to blog, since different themes change how you acquire a post URL. Examine the blog entry you wish to share and search for a link that displays a time stamp or the word "Permalink" and click it. This opens a page containing just the single Tumblr post. Copy the URL in the address bar and share it with others via social media, email or text message.