How to Make Bold Font While Chatting on Facebook

by Danielle Fernandez
Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images

Sometimes you need a bit of textual emphasis when you're instant messaging on Facebook, but adding silly emoticons or typing in all capital letters -- which feels like screaming to your recipients -- may not suffice. Use a simple keyboard shortcut instead and trick the chat box into reformatting your comment into a bolded typeface.

Bolded Text

Adding an asterisk before and after the phrase will automatically generate the wording in bold. For example, typing "My mom gave me five dollars today" in your Facebook chat emphasizes only the dollar amount and keeps the rest of the sentence in plain formatting.

Other Text Formatting Shortcuts

You can also underline text in for an alternative emphasis solution. An underscore before and after the phrase -- for example, "I want to hug you right now" -- will prompt Facebook to underline the words "hug" and "you." Adding an asterisk followed by the underscore will both underline and bold it -- as in, "Dad is being such a goof today."

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