Can You Not Remove Songs From Your Tumblr Theme?

By Tammy Columbo

Take control over your Tumblr music by adding and removing songs from your blog.
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Unless you have installed some obscure theme that cannot be edited -- highly unlikely -- you can add and remove songs from the player widget in your Tumblr theme. Additionally, you can change the song or playlist in any audio post that you have created and published on your blog. If your theme uses an embedded audio player, identify the name of the player, locate the player’s widget code, then remove the existing playlist or track from the widget code. To change the track or playlist associated with an audio post, simply edit and resave the post.

Online Streaming Services

For players like Hypster, Spotify and SoundCloud, a link to the active track or playlist is embedded in the widget code. Audio player widgets can be installed in the Description box in the Customize menu while the theme is in Edit mode. Widgets can also be installed directly in the HTML code. If the widget code is embedded in the HTML code, open the theme in the HTML editor and locate the link to the playlist or track in the widget code by pressing “Ctrl-F” to open the Find box. Type the name of the player, or type “Audio” to find the widget in the theme code. Simply substitute the active URL with a new URL and save the code page to change the song or playlist. Note that you must select the new music from the same streaming service. For example, if you have installed a Hypster widget, you will need to replace the existing song or playlist with one from the Hypster service.


Some players, such as Streampad, play all audio posts published on your blog’s timeline in chronological order. To remove a song from the Streampad player, delete the unwanted audio post from your timeline. Locate the post, then click the gear icon at the bottom of the post. Click “Delete,” then confirm to remove the audio post from your Streampad playlist.

Audio Posts

The simplest way to play music on your timeline is to publish a Tumblr audio post. You don’t need to delete an audio post to remove a song from a post, as long as you replace the current song with another track or playlist. You can readily edit any post you create on the platform. Click the gear icon in the post to edit, then click the “Edit” option. The post form opens for editing. Replace the current track with a new song or playlist, then save the post to re-publish. Tumblr supports MP3 uploads up to 10MB in size in audio posts.

Remove the Widget

To completely remove the player from your theme, delete the player widget from the HTML code. Open the Customize tool for the blog to edit, then check the Description box for the widget code. If the code is not in the Description box, the widget is embedded in the HTML page. Click the “Edit HTML" to open the theme in the editor. Locate the player code, then delete the widget code block to completely remove the player. Save the page, then close the editor.