How to Get People to Reblog Your Photo on Tumblr

By Sophie Southern

Micro-blogging site Tumblr features its own unique system, called “reblogging,” that allows users to repost from other blogs to their own. Reblogging can significantly increase a post’s exposure, particularly when it is reposted over and over again. Tumblr users reblog frequently, so getting them to reblog your own content, such as photos, is not particularly difficult. First, you’ll need to make it easy to find your photo, then you'll need to give a small investment of time and active participation in the Tumblr community.

Tag Accordingly

The first step to getting people to reblog your photos on Tumblr is to tag them appropriately. Tagging allows people to find your photos when they search for keywords through the Dashboard. Tumblr’s “Explore” feature includes “tracked” tags. For these tags, content editors chosen by Tumblr highlight specific posts in tag categories. Some of the most popular Explore tags are “landscape,” “portrait,” “black and white,” “gif” and “fashion” among others. Tagging your photos with these tags helps the editors find and possibly feature your post.

Follow Similar Blogs

Interacting with other users on Tumblr is vital to getting your content reblogged. Start by finding blogs similar to your niche and follow them. Search for tags either through the Dashboard or through the “Explore” feature to find posts about specific topics. For example, if you post travel photos, search for travel posts on travel blogs. Tumblr lets you follow people and preview their latest blog content directly from their avatar on the Dashboard. Tumblr’s “Spotlight” feature also highlights interesting blogs in a variety of subjects, making it easy to find people to follow. Click “Find Blogs” in the right column of your Dashboard to go to “Spotlight.”


Once you’ve found interesting blogs in and out of your niche, actively interact with them. “Like” and reply to interesting posts as often as possible. Reblog posts that work with your blog and try to be active on a regular basis. Using Tumblr’s “Ask” feature to ask interesting questions to blogs you follow is another easy way to interact. If they publish your answer, your blog will get more attention. As you become more active in the Tumblr community, activity on your own blog posts will follow. Avoid actually asking for reblogs, as this tends to be a tell-tale sign of spamming on Tumblr or is just seen as flat-out pathetic by others.

Strategic Publishing

Pay attention to the location of your followers and people you are following, always taking into consideration the time zone when publishing. Tumblr is known for having both a young and international demographic. Think strategically about what people are doing at a specific time of day, taking into consideration the age of the people who follow you. A perfect example is early morning on weekdays: at 7:15 am most adults are getting ready for work whereas many teens are standing in the hall on their phones about to go into class.