How to Make Tumblr Autoscroll

By Tammy Columbo

Enable Endless Scrolling on your Tumblr dashboard to make your timeline autoscroll.
i Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

You can make your Tumblr timeline autoscroll instead of paginate. The Tumblr Dashboard Preferences menu includes the Endless Scrolling configuration option. When Endless Scrolling is activated, the posts on your timeline seemingly scroll on forever. As you scroll near the bottom of the page while viewing your dashboard, additional posts automatically appear. When Endless Scrolling is disabled, the “Previous Page” and “Next Page” navigation links display after every 10th post at the bottom of each page.

Open the Tumblr site and log in to your dashboard.

Click the gear icon in the top navigation menu to open your Tumblr Account Preferences menu.

Click the “Dashboard” link in the left navigation panel to open the Dashboard Preferences menu.

Click “Enable Endless Scrolling” to activate the autoscroll feature for your dashboard.

Click “Save” to save the preferences.


You can also access your Dashboard Preferences menu by logging in to your Tumblr dashboard, then opening a new tab. Type or copy and paste the direct URL to your Preferences menu (see Resources).

In addition to endless scrolling, you can configure full-sized photos, sharing and notifications in the Preferences menu.