How to Embed a Vimeo Video Onto Tumblr

By Mircea Gabriel Suciu

Add pictures and videos to your Tumblr posts to make your content more attractive.
i Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Embedding videos from Vimeo into your Tumblr posts can make the content on your blog more dynamic and attractive for your visitors. When playing a video on Vimeo, you can use the Share feature to generate an embed code. You can then paste this code into the post creation feature on Tumblr to display the video on your page. You can also edit the code to adjust the dimensions of the shared video.

Open the video you want to share on Vimeo. Hover your mouse over the video while playing it, and then click "Share" to display the sharing options.

Highlight the code in the Embed section, and then press "Ctrl-C" to copy it to your clipboard. Optionally, click "Show Options," and then choose to auto-play or loop the video once it's embedded in the Tumblr post.

Open the Tumblr post creation wizard (link in Resources), enter a title for your post in the Title section, and then enter the text of the post in the Text field.

Click the "HTML" button to open the source code for the post, and then press "Ctrl-V" to paste the code from your clipboard into the source code, anywhere after the "<body>" tag and before the line containing "</body>".

Click "Post" to post your message with the Vimeo video attached to it on your Tumblr page.


To adjust the size of the video you are embedding, replace the value of "width" in the embed source code with your desired width in pixels. This also adjusts the height of the video, in order to not distort its image.