What Is Archive on Tumblr?

By Danielle Fernandez

Your Tumblr archive is a virtual filing cabinet of all of your past posts.
i Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Every blog on the Tumblr site feeds into its own archive of past posts, which are displayed on the Archive page as thumbnails listed in chronological order. Some Tumblr themes feature a button linking to the blog's Archive, but the HTML coding can be added to any blog's content even if the link isn't built into the theme you've chosen. All archives can be found by inserting "/archive" at the end of the main URL for the blog.

Archive Formatting

Your Tumblr blog's archive displays your history of posts in a grid format that is arranged by month. Individual details about each post -- including tags, date and the number of notes that have accrued for the post -- are displayed when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail. These thumbnails also provide information as to the type of post. For example, the thumbnail for a post with an animated image will display in full animation whereas video thumbnails will display with a "Play" icon indicating that the post is not a static image.

Navigating and Searching the Archive

While you can scroll through the months manually, navigation through a Tumblr blog's Archive may be more effective if you select a specific month for viewing using the drop-down "Month" menu at the top. You'll notice a grayed-out number right beside the month's name; this indicates the number of posts that have been archived for that month. When logged in and viewing your own blog's archive, "Edit" and "Delete" buttons will also appear so you can make quick changes directly from the thumbnail image.

Install a Theme with an Archive Link

A number of Tumblr themes have the "Archive" button built-in, which makes it easy to direct your readers to past posts if you're not particularly tech-savvy. Using the "Customize Theme" link, look for a theme that displays an "Archive" link in the preview. Themes like "Accent," "Redux" and "Effector" (links in Resources) offer the option -- when browsing through themes, simply click the "Preview" link to determine if it's included. Once you have selected the new theme, click "Customize" and ensure the "Show Archive Link" option is enabled.

Manually Adding a "Go to Archive" Link

It only takes a single line of HTML code to add a "Go to Archive" link to your Tumblr blog. To begin, log in to Tumblr and click the title of the blog in question. Select "Customize Theme" and click "Edit HTML." Omitting the outermost quotation marks and replacing "AAA" with your Tumbler blog's name, insert "<a href="http://AAA.tumblr.com/archive">Go to Archive</a>" where you would like to place the link. Click "Update Preview" to verify the changes and click "Appearance" when you're happy with the results.