How to Link a Video to Tumblr

by Randall Blackburn

The Tumblr platform provides the New Video Post type that provides the functionality to embed a URL to a YouTube video or a clip hosted on another video sharing site in a post. Tumblr allows you to upload up to five minutes of video each day, and you can split the time over several clips. Post only video clips you have made or that you have the rights to publish. You cannot publish restricted works, but you are allowed to republish content you don't own if the licensing agreement unambiguously states that you can repost. You must verify with Tumblr before posting that your content does not violate copyrights or licensing stipulations.

Click the “New Video Post” icon from your Tumblr dashboard to open the New Post form.

Click the blog drop-down arrow in the New Post form, then click the blog that will host the video post.

Type or paste the URL to the video in the Embed Code or Video URL box to load the video in the preview window. Alternatively, click the “Upload a File” icon in the second box to open the file selector so you can choose a file from your hard drive. Browse to and click on the video file, then click “Open.” You can also drop a video file in the second box to upload the video file to the post.

Click the center of the video to preview the clip.

Type a caption for the clip in the Caption box, then type relevant tags in the Tags field. Entering text in the Caption box and Tags field is optional.

Click the check box in front of the “I have Permission to Let Tumblr Use This Under the Terms of Service” option to verify that your clip does not violate any copyright laws.

Click “Create Post” to publish the video post.


To view additional publishing options, click the downward pointing arrow next to the Create Post button. Preview the post, schedule the post, add the post to your queue or save the post as a draft.


Tumblr supports uploading only one video at a time in the New Video post form.

Uploaded video files must be 100 MB or smaller in size.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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