How to Know Who Has Been on Your Tumblr Blog

By James T Wood

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Tumblr has built in an easy way to use Google Analytics to measure how many people visit your blog, what device they use to view it, how long they stay and where they go when they leave. You can see where people are from, how they found your blog and what they click on once they're there. You won't be able to know the specific individuals who visit your site, but you can build a detailed picture of the type of users that visit your Tumblr blog.

Browse to the Google Analytics website (see link in Resources). Click the "Admin" button and then click the drop-down menu under the Account heading. Choose "Create New Account."

Choose either universal or classic analytics -- the universal analytics will give you more detailed information. Enter a name for your new Google Analytics account for your Tumblr blog. Note that if you have separate Tumblr blogs, you can use one account to track the different blogs.

Enter a name for the blog you want to track, and then enter the URL of the blog. Choose an industry that corresponds to your blog and your time zone. When you're done, click "Get Tracking ID" and accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service. A new page displays with your tracking ID. Select the ID and press "Ctrl-C" to copy it.

Open a new tab or browser window and log in to your Tumblr account. Click the gear icon on the dashboard to open the settings and then click on the name of your blog in the list on the left.

Click "Customize" in the Theme section and then scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar until you see Google Analytics ID. Click the field next to it and press "Ctrl-V" to paste in your ID. Click "Save" in the upper right corner of the sidebar. It may take some time for Google Analytics to update with your site information and it will track data only from the time you added the ID to your blog.

Return to Google Analytics and click the "Home" icon in the upper left. Click on the name of the Tumblr blog account that you created. Click "All Web Site Data" to see the information about who is visiting your blog. You can use the links on the left to look at different data, such as the location of your users or the content they observe.