Can You Remove Followers From Your Tumblr?

By David Wayne

Tumblr is a microblogging website that enables you to publish content, reply to other users' posts and follow their Tumblr activity. While there is no way to remove users from your list of followers, you can block them from sending you emails or seeing your posts in Tumblr's dashboard. Blocked users can still search for your publicly displayed blog, learn when your Tumblr address changes and read messages you have sent them.

Preventing Followers From Reading Your Tumblr Posts

Visit the Tumblr site and sign in to your account to add followers to your list of ignored users (link in Resources). Tumblr does not notify them that they have been blocked, but they may soon find out when their messages go unanswered and new posts appear on your Tumblr page but not on their dashboard. The only way to be certain a follower can't access your blog is by creating a secondary, password-protected blog. Tumblr permits you to create up to 10 secondary blogs per day. While your primary blog must be public, you can choose to make a secondary blog private. From your main account page, click the menu button that displays your current blogs and select “Create a New Blog.” When prompted, click “Password Protect This Blog.” Other users can read posts to this blog only by signing in with the password you provide. This option can be useful for sharing content with a small group of close people, but keeping a high-traffic blog private may be impractical. However, as long as your unwanted followers don't have the password, they are effectively removed from your Tumblr.