How to Make Pictures Show Up in Text Posts on Tumblr

By Mircea Gabriel Suciu

Use HTML tags to format your Tumblr posts.
i Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If the image you are trying to upload to a text post on your Tumblr page is larger than the maximum size supported by your current theme, you need to adjust its dimensions before it shows in your post. After uploading your image using the Tumblr image uploader, you can open the HTML source code for the post and edit it to format the attached picture.

Load the New Text Post feature into your Internet browser (link in Resources). Enter a title for your post in the Title section.

Click "Upload Image" to open the Tumblr image uploader. Select the image you want to upload from your local hard drive and double-click it. Wait until the picture appears in the editing box.

Click the "HTML" button to display the HTML source code for the post you are composing. Locate the image in the source code, displayed using the <img> tag, in the following form:

<img src="" />

Add the "height" and "width" attributes to the source code of the image before the closing right slash to edit its size. For example, if you want your image to have a height of 200 pixels and a width of 300 pixels, you would use the following code:

<img src="" height="200" width="300" />

Most Tumblr themes support images with a maximum height of 500 pixels and a width of 750 pixels.

Click "Post" to display the text post with the attached image on your Tumblr page.