How to Delete a Conversation on Yelp

By Andy Walton

Yelp does not allow businesses to specifically ask customers for reviews.
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Yelp is a great way to discover new businesses and organizations, allowing you to get recommendations on businesses in your local area by simply entering your ZIP code. Conversations on Yelp should be treated with caution, as the site does not allow users to manually delete content after it is posted to a page. This policy exists to prevent businesses from removing fair but negative reviews. However, you can flag some conversations, such as abusive content or posts displaying personal information, as inappropriate. If Yelp's moderators agree that the content has breached the site's guidelines, they will remove the conversation for you.

Open the Yelp website and click the "Log In" button. Enter your username and password into the relevant fields, and then click "Log In" to sign in to your Yelp account.

Click the “Talk” button and select the conversation that you want to report as inappropriate from the list. Click “Flag Conversation As Inappropriate” to open the Confirm Flag page.

Select a reason for flagging the conversation from the "Reason" drop-down menu. The menu offers six options: “Offensive Comment,” “Personal Attack,” “Personal Information,” “Illegal Activity,” “Spam” and “Other.”

Enter a justification for flagging the conversation into the How Does This Content Violate the Guidelines box. If possible, cite the specific Yelp content guidelines that the conversation violates, as this may help your case.

Click the “Flag” button to file the report.