How to Keep Track of Followers on Tumblr

By David Nield

You can access the follower lists for all your blogs from the dashboard.
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Like followers on Twitter or Instagram, your Tumblr followers see your updates when they log into the network. Your own dashboard shows how many followers your blog has and how many other blogs you're following yourself; by clicking on either of these links you can see individual usernames and blogs. Recent new followers you've acquired are shown on your blog's Activity screen, which can also be accessed from the dashboard.

Log in to Tumblr and click the "Activity" link to see recent notifications relating to your blog. Among the notifications you will see recent new followers of your blog -- click the plus icons to follow these users back in return.

Click the "Followers" link on the dashboard to see a list of all your blog's followers, with the most recent at the top. Use the search box at the top of the list to look for particular users.

Select "Follow" next to any of the users listed to follow that user back in return. You can also click "Ignore" to block a user or click a username to visit the user's Tumblr blog.


Opt to ignore one of your followers and that person is prevented from seeing any of your future updates and from sending you messages. Blocked users don't receive any notification that the action has been taken, though they may notice they are unable to interact with you on the Tumblr network.

Some themes give you the option of displaying a list of your followers on your blog -- check the theme options on the customization page (click "Customize" from the dashboard) to see if the option is available.

Tumblr's mobile apps for Android and iOS have notification options enabling you to receive updates about new followers as well as other Tumblr activity related to your blog. On Android, the notification settings are within the app itself, whereas on iOS you can find them in the Notification Center area of the Settings app. Push notifications of blog activity aren't available on the Tumblr app for Windows Phone as of December 2013.