Finding Inactive Instagram Followers

By David Wayne

Instagram determines your rank in search results from the number of “likes” your posts receive in proportion to the number of followers you have. A large number of inactive followers can affect your profile, but you can find and remove them with software on the Internet. Several mobile applications can also tell you how many of your followers are inactive.

Improve Your Instagram Ranking

Visit IGExorcist and sign in with your Instagram username and password to search your list of followers for inactive accounts (link in Resources). This Web-based program looks for accounts that haven't “liked” or commented on your posts in more than 180 days. Inactive followers are removed by blocking their accounts and then unblocking them so that they aren't permanently banned from following you. The service is free and you can request that your Instagram data be removed from IGExorcist by emailing the administrator through the website's contact link.

View Instagram Follower Statistics

With mobile applications such as InstaGhost and Followers Pro, you can view updated information about your followers, including how many are active, inactive or unreciprocated. The term these applications use to describe inactive followers is “ghosts,” and each program calculates the percentage of ghosts among your followers. With Followers Pro, you can view detailed information about individual followers, such as the number of “likes” you've received from a follower and which follower has given you the fewest “likes.” While InstaGhost is free, Followers Pro costs $0.99.