How to Make Tiny Fonts on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

Reduce the size of your fonts for disclaimers and other fine print.
i Donna Day/Photodisc/Getty Images

Use can tiny fonts in your Tumblr posts to add an artistic effect or to reduce the size of disclaimers and other fine print. You can make text smaller by accessing the HTML editing option while typing a text post, and then adding special formatting tags to each paragraph. You can also reduce the font size when adding captions to images and other types of posts.

Begin a new Tumblr post or edit an existing post.

Add your text in the message area of a text post or in the caption area of other types of posts.

Click the "<html>" option above the text entry field. Tumblr displays the HTML code used for the text. The "<p>" and "</p>" tags represent the beginning and end of paragraphs.

Enclose the text you want to make smaller using the "<small>" and "</small>" tags. Both tags must be inside the "<p>" and "</p>" tags in the following manner:


Add extra "<small>" tags after the first to make the text even smaller. Each "<small>" tag reduces the font size by a point, so to reduce a 9-point font to 6 points, for example, add a total of three "<small>" tags, so that the final code looks like this:

<p><small ><small><small>Text</small></small></small></p>

Repeat for any additional paragraphs you want to make smaller.

Click "<html>" to leave the HTML view. Tumblr's posting window doesn't display small fonts, so the effects of your changes won't be fully visible.

Click "Post," and then check the post on your blog to see the smaller fonts.


The effects of the "<small>" tags vary according to the default font settings in your theme, so you may want to experiment a little with private posts until you achieve the right look. When you insert additional "<small>" tags, Tumblr automatically adds the closing tags at the end of the paragraph when you leave HTML view. Save time by allowing Tumblr to insert the closing tags for you.

To make a font one size larger, use the "<large>" tag instead of the "<small>" tag.