How to Get on Twitter's Suggested List

By Randall Blackburn

Become an influencer on Twitter to show up in other users' Who to Follow lists.
i Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Twitter uses a special algorithm to determine suggested accounts to follow for each Twitter user. The algorithm determines which users are likely to appeal to other users based on the accounts that both users follow, the content and hashtags used in tweets, the frequency of tweeting and other variables. No editorial intervention is involved in selecting the users who appear on the Who to Follow list for other users. However, you can pay to have your account promoted to appear in others’ Who to Follow lists.

Follow Users With Common Interests

Informal Twitter groups generally form around commonalities such as political interests, business interests, hobbies, food, education, entertainment and any other topic that individuals may discuss on the platform. The more you tweet about your interests, the more likely your account will be recommended to those with similar interests.

Users With Common Followers and Followed Accounts

Another important factor that determines who is recommended on another user's Who to Follow list is common followers and common accounts you both follow. In fact, Twitter displays a link to a list of your common followers under the suggested user’s entry in the Who to Follow widget. Check the Followers lists of those you follow, and then follow the users they follow to broaden your reach on the network.

Follow Fridays

Every Friday, Twitter users promote their favorite accounts and followers by including the hashtag “#FF” and the promoted users’ Twitter handles in tweets. Though participating in Follow Fridays will not automatically get your account listed on others’ Who to Follow list, you will be able to interact with new, recommended users to widen your network. Connecting with other users with similar interests is a key factor for getting recommended in users’ Who to Follow list.

Promote Your Account

Promoted accounts are targeted to certain users based on interests and followers. Promoted accounts appear at the top of targeted users’ Who to Follow widget in their Twitter timeline and also at the top of users’ Connect page. Users can delete promoted accounts by clicking the “Dismiss” link under the entry. You can also gain exposure for your product or service with targeted promoted tweets on the platform. Open a Twitter Ads account and purchase your plan to promote your account or specific tweets (see Resources).