Is There Any Way to See Messages You Sent on Tumblr?

By Sophie Southern

Tumblr provides an “Ask” feature which allows you to send messages to other blogs through a question and answer form. When answering questions, you can either publish your answer to your blog as a public post or privately answer directly to the person who asked. The message system on Tumblr works through the “Ask” page and the Dashboard on blogs which have this feature enabled.

Long Lost Messages

The “Ask” feature is probably the easiest way to send messages and communicate with other users on Tumblr. When you have new messages, they appear at the top of your Dashboard as a number next to the envelope icon. When you click the icon, it takes you to your message inbox where you can view all of your messages. This is about as far as the features of messaging go on Tumblr, though. As of the time of publication, there is no way to view your past sent messages, messages which have been received by other people or even the status of a sent message.