What Comes Up on the Caller ID When You Call With Google Voice?

By Alan Sembera

Use Google Voice from your computer or cell phone.
i Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

When you make an outgoing call with Google Voice, in most cases the recipient sees only your Google Voice number on their caller ID without your name. Google doesn't maintain the caller name database required for other phone companies to look up your name based on the number.


If you kept your mobile number and ported it to Google Voice when you set up the account, your name may show up on caller ID based on the old carrier's CNAM database. Also, if you make a voice call from Gmail but haven't set up a separate Google Voice account, the caller ID displays (760) 705-8888 as your number.


If putting your name on caller ID with Google Voice is important, you have two options. The first is to transfer your number from a mobile carrier that supports outgoing caller ID and already has your name in its CNAM database; the second option is to self-register your name with a directory assistance websites such as ListYourself.net, YP.com or Express Update (links in Resources). The first site allows your to add your personal or business name, while the other two sites are geared toward businesses. No matter which course you take, you have no guarantee of percent success; caller ID displays are ultimately controlled by the recipient's phone company.