Can Your Regular Tumblr Followers See a Private Blog Post?

By Sophie Southern

The micro-blogging site Tumblr provides lots of options for social interaction with followers, but also recognizes that not everybody wants to blast everything across the Internet. For those who fall into this category, Tumblr allows for the creation of secondary blogs, which can be made private by adding password protection.

Password Protection

It is not possible to make your primary blog on Tumblr private, but you can create as many secondary blogs as you like on the same account and add password protection. Only people with a link to the blog and the password are able to access it. Your primary Tumblr blog’s followers are not able to see password-protected secondary blogs or even view a list of your secondary blogs, unless you provide the links yourself. Your secondary blogs are restricted, however, and you won’t be able to "like" posts, reblog posts, make submissions and ask or answer questions.