How to Join Tumblr to Post in a Private Group Blog

By Tammy Columbo

Create a new Tumblr account to publish a post on a private group blog.
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If you have been invited to post on a private group Tumblr blog, the first thing to do is join Tumblr. Simply supply a valid email address and password to create your Tumblr account. You will also need to create a Tumblr username, which will also be the prefix of the URL to your own Tumblr blog. Your blog is created by default when you create your account. Once you are logged in to Tumblr, you can access the private blog to publish your first post.

Create Tumblr Account

Open the Tumblr Sign Up Page in a browser (link in Resources).

Type your email address, then type a password for your account.

Type a username that you will use on the Tumblr platform. The username that you assign to your account will be the first part of your Tumblr blog URL. For example, if you chose “JohnDoe” as your username, your Tumblr blog URL will be “”

Click the “Sign Up” button. The How Old Are You dialog box opens. Type your age in years in the box.

Click the “Terms of Service” link to review the service agreement. Click the check box to certify that you agree to the terms. Click “Done” to create your account. A verification email is sent to the email address you provided for the account. However, you will be automatically logged in to the platform before you confirm your email address. The Follow Five page opens.

Click five users to follow in the right pane. Once you have selected five users, the Next Step button appears. Click “Next Step” to open your profile page.

Click the “Upload Photo” icon, then browse to and click on a profile photo on your computer. Click “Open” to upload the photo.

Complete any optional details in the profile dialog box, then click “Done.” The Mobile Apps page opens. You can download the Tumblr mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows phone from this page or you can click the “I’ll Do It Later” link to skip the app download. Your Tumblr dashboard opens.

Open your email application, then open the Tumblr verification email. Click the link in the email to confirm your account.

Access and Post on Private Blog

Open a new tab in the browser window while logged in to your Tumblr dashboard.

Type or copy and paste the URL to the private blog in the browser address bar, then press “Enter.” The password prompt opens for the private blog.

Type the blog password, then click “OK.” You are logged in to the private group blog.

Click the icon for the type of post you want to publish. For example, click the “Text Post” icon to open the New Text Post form. You can also create Video, Photo, Quote, Chat and Link posts.

Type a title for your post in the Title box, then type your post text in the text box. Add optional tags in the Tags box.

Click the “Post” button. Your post is published to the private group blog.


You can schedule your post to publish at a later time by clicking the down-pointing arrow next to the “Post” button, then clicking “Publish On..” Specify the date and time, then click “Schedule Post.”


Tumblr will notify you with a message at the top of your dashboard to verify your email address until you verify.

Do not publish your own post as private if you want other users on the private blog to have access to your posts. If you publish a post as private, only you can view the post.