How to Insert a Song on Tumblr

By Lauren Miller

You can upload your original songs to Tumblr as MP3 files.
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Millions of people around the world use the microblogging and social networking service Tumblr to post music. Tumblr's easy-to-use posting tools enable you to share your favorite pop tunes with your Tumblr followers. You can also upload your own MP3 files of original content and share content from the audio-sharing website SoundCloud.

Uploading an Audio File From Your Computer

Tumblr's posting features include an option for uploading an MP3 file that is no larger than 10MB. Once you upload the file, visitors to your Tumblr page will be able to play the MP3 with Tumblr's built-in player. Navigate to Tumblr and log in to your account. Click the "Audio" icon from your posting dashboard. Select the "Upload" option and navigate to the location on your computer where the file is located to upload it to Tumblr. Once the file is uploaded to Tumblr you can add a description of the file, cover art and descriptive tags. Check the box next to the "I have permission to let Tumblr use this under the Terms of Service" disclaimer, assuming this is true, and then click the "Post" button.

Adding an Audio File From an Online Location

When you are logged in to Tumblr and select the "Audio" icon from the dashboard you can include a URL of a file that is already online. Select the "External URL" option, type or paste the URL of the MP3 in the field provided and then click "Post." You will be able to add a description, cover art and tags and will have to agree to Tumblr's terms of service in order to add the MP3 to a post. Check the box next to the terms of service disclaimer and click the "Post" button to add the file to your Tumblr microblog.

Adding Audio Files From SoundCloud and Spotify

When you select the audio option for adding an MP3 to Tumblr, there is also a search option. You can search for audio files available on the online music sharing service SoundCloud and the music subscription service Spotify. When you see a file you want to use in the search results, click on the song name to include it on your microblog. A built-in player appears for the file that includes album art plus the track and artist name. You can also add a description and tags. Click "Post" to add the file to your Tumblr.

Adding Audio Files From Within SoundCloud and Spotify

When you are listening to a SoundCloud track on the site, click the Tumblr icon on the Web page to add the track to your Tumblr page. When you use the Spotify desktop application, you can post a song to Tumblr from within the app. When you right-click on a song and select "Share" you will have the option to post the song to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and add a description. You can set up your Tumblr account info in the Spotify app by selecting the widget icon from the Share dialog.