Can You See Who Looks at Your Instagram?

by Melly Parker

Like most social media and content sharing sites, Instagram doesn't keep track of who visits your Instagram profile or views your photos. However, you can get an idea of who views your account and interacts with your content by examining certain parts of your Instagram account. Tools are also available to help you keep track of your Instagram followers.

Instagram Followers

People who follow you on Instagram are probably the users who see the photos you upload the most, since any new content you add shows up on their Instagram feeds. Non-followers who view your content can also interact with the photos you upload by liking images or leaving comments. You can tell that a person has seen your photos if he's interacted with them. All photos on Instagram are made public by default, but you can also set your account to private so that only followers can view your photos.


Programs like Unfollowgram, Statigram and Nitrogram each offer a set of tools to help you know who your followers are. Set up alerts to let you know when a new follower subscribes to your account or when another one unsubscribes. While the tools won't show you everyone who looks at your account, they can help you understand what type of audience you have.

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