How to Hyperlink a Reblog on Tumblr

By Melly Parker

You can reblog and post on computers and mobile devices.
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When you hyperlink a reblog, you're creating a direct link to a post on Tumblr that has been reposted by another user. That reblog may contain other comments that users have left because they posted it to their own Tumblr pages. The direct link to a Tumblr reblog will take anyone who clicks on it to the Tumblr page of the person that reblogged it, not that of the original poster.

Direct Link to a Reblog

Each reblog is a post on the Tumblr page of the person who reblogs it. If you want to link to a specific reblog on Tumblr, you can copy the URL from the person's Tumblr blog. Click the date of the post or the note count of the post from the main Tumblr blog to open it as its own Web page. Highlight the URL in the browser and copy the text. That link will direct anyone who clicks on it to the reblog that person made on Tumblr.

Hyperlink as an Original Post

After you have the URL of a reblog, you can add it to Tumblr as an original post. Log on to Tumblr and click "Link" on your dashboard. Paste the URL of the reblog, a title for the post and a caption explaining the link. When you're ready to share it with your followers, click "Post."

Add a URL to a Reblog

When you reblog a post, you can add text, pictures or links to it that will be included when the post is reblogged from your account. To add a URL to a Tumblr reblog, click the "reblog" button and then click the camera icon at the top of the reblog window. Click "Text." Place the text you want to hyperlink in the post, highlight it and then click the link icon. Add a URL and title and then click "Insert link." The link will be included when you reblog the post.

Reasons to Hyperlink

Creating a hyperlink to a reblog can help you return to the exact reblog you found interesting. Sometimes people add extra comments, images and GIFs to a file, which changes how the original post looks by the end. If there's a point where you find the post entertaining, informative and complete, create a hyperlink to return there at any time. By sharing that hyperlink with your followers, you're sharing something that you really enjoyed with people who choose to keep up with your posts.