Using Custom URL Shortening in Tumblr

By Naomi Bolton

Sharing the URL to specific Tumblr posts with other websites or forums can help to bring more visitors to your blog. Shortening a long Tumblr URL makes it more manageable and easy to share on Web pages, emails and social media services. A shortened URL is also easier to type on a phone than entering the full address, which might consists of hundreds of characters. Tumblr supports URL shortening via Twitter integration or you can use one of the many free third party services.


Log in to your Tumblr account and click the gear-shaped icon to access your settings page.

Click the name of the Tumblr blog for which you want to use the URL shortening and then scroll down to the Twitter section.

Click the "Sign in with Twitter" button and then type your Twitter credentials in the input boxes. Click the blue "Authorize app" button to confirm the link between Tumblr and Twitter.

Click the house-shaped icon to return to the Tumblr dashboard and create a new post. Alternatively, click "Posts" and click the "Reblog" button for one of your existing posts.

Click the Twitter icon at the bottom of the post so that it is highlighted in blue and then click "Post."

Open a new tab and log in to your Twitter account. Click the "Me" button to view your tweets and then right-click the shortened link starting with "" at the end of the post that you want to share.

Select "Copy link location" to save the shortened link to the clipboard. Paste the shortened link on the email, website or forum where you want to share your Tumblr post.

Other URL Shortening Services

Open your Tumblr blog (not the dashboard) in your browser and click the post with the URL that you want to shorten.

Right-click the URL in the address bar of your browser and select "Copy."

Open a new tab and visit the Web page of a URL shortening service such as the Google URL Shortener, or (links in Resources).

Right-click the URL input box and select "Paste" to enter your long Tumblr URL. Click the "Shorten URL," "Shorten" or "Shrink It" button depending on the service you are using to shorten the URL.


The advantages of using the Twitter integrated URL shortening feature is that your shortened links display "" as part of the link. With the " wording included in the link, visitors know that they are opening a Tumblr site when clicking the link.