How to Log Out of iCloud

By David Wayne

Sign in with a different iCloud ID by deleting an existing one.
i Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

Since an iOS device can be synced with only one iCloud account at a time, you must delete your account to log out from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Logging out of iCloud from a Web browser is automatic when you close the browser, unless you selected “Remember Me” when you signed in. In this case, you can manually log out from the user menu on your account page.

Stop Syncing With an iCloud Account

When you log out of iCloud from an iOS device or computer, your data is no longer synced with your desktop or mobile applications but remains in your online storage account. While the Sign Out button is prominently featured in the OS X and Windows desktop applications, you must sign out from an iOS device by permanently deleting your account from the Settings menu. To delete your account, tap “Settings,” choose “iCloud” and select “Delete Account.” Your account is deleted from your device but not from the iCloud server, and you can restore it later by signing in with the same account details. To log out of iCloud from a browser window, click your account name and choose “Sign Out.” Alternatively, sign out of all browsers that remember your iCloud ID by clicking “Account Settings,” choosing “Advanced” and selecting “Sign Out of All Browsers.”