How to Get Your Ask FM Link onto Your Instagram

By David Nield

Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012.
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Your Instagram profile tells the world about you: it helps friends to find you and gives strangers a snapshot of who you are and whether you are worth following. Included in your profile are a website link and a bio, and you can use either of these fields to advertise your link, giving visitors another way of contacting you over the Web. You can edit your profile through the Instagram apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, or through a desktop Web browser.

Mobile Apps

Tap the profile button (the contact card symbol) on the right of the Instagram toolbar.

Tap "Edit Your Profile" (or "Edit Profile" on Windows Phone) and you can make changes to various aspects of your Instagram profile.

Tap inside the Website or Bio fields to make changes to the text and enter your URL.

Tap "Save" (on Android), "Done" (on iOS) or the tick icon (on Windows Phone) to confirm your changes.

On the Web

Log in to the Instagram website and click your profile link in the top-right corner.

Choose "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu.

Enter your profile link into the Bio or Website fields.

Click "Submit" to confirm the changes.


You can enter your profile link in either the Bio or Website sections of your profile, but it will only be active if it is entered in the Website field. Visitors to your profile will not be able to tap or click a link in the Bio field to launch it.

You can find your profile link by logging in to the website and clicking the "Profile" link at the top of the screen.


These instructions apply to the latest versions of Instagram for Android, iOS and Windows Phone as of November 2013. If you are using different versions of the apps, the steps may differ.