How to Track Who Is Visiting Your Tumblr

By Jen Cordwainer

Tumblr, Google Analytics and Numblr help you track your blog's traffic.
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In May 2009, Tumblr released a built-in analytics tool called "Activity," which enables you to view your engagement metrics. Activity provides you with a real-time snapshot of who likes, reposts and follows your Tumblr entries. However, the Activity feature does have its limitations, reporting only on users that interact with your posts. You can get more comprehensive traffic data by using additional free tools such as Google Analytics and Numblr.

Tumblr's Activity Feature

Log in to your Tumblr account and visit your Dashboard. Click on "Activity" to view your likes, reblog activity and new followers for the month.

Change the time frame by clicking on the "Last Month" drop-down menu and selecting other options, such as "Last 24 Hours" or "Last 3 Days."

Scroll down the Activity page to the "Latest Notes" section. This shows you the specific users who have interacted with your posts, along with links to their Tumblr blogs.

Google Analytics

Visit the Google Analytics website (link in Resources) and log in with your Google account credentials. Select "Admin" and click on the "Account" tab and choose "New Account."

Fill out the "Account Name" field with the title of your Tumblr blog.

Select "http://" from the drop-down menu and type in the URL for your Tumblr blog. Click on "Create Account."

Copy the Google tracking code to install on your blog.

Visit your Tumblr Dashboard, click on your blog's name and choose "Customize." Select "Edit HTML," paste your tracking code before the </head> tag and click "Save."


Visit the Numblr website (link in Resources) to use its free Tumblr metrics tool.

Type in your Tumblr URL in the blank field and click "Track It." The process takes several minutes, since Numblr analyzes all of your posts individually.

View stats such as note-to-post ratio, original content, most popular posts and post type breakdowns. This gives you more general feedback on who is viewing your content, linking you to specific posts that attract the highest amount of traffic.