How to Link Your Pictures to a URL on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

Make your pictures interactive with hyperlinks.
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Use clickable pictures on your Tumblr blog as a more enticing alternative to plain text links when you want to take the reader to another page or website. You can create links from pictures you include in your blog posts, or from pictures in your sidebar area. The links can take you to any other page on Tumblr or to a completely different website, such as Facebook, Twitter or your own website.

Picture Posts

Click "Photo" on your Tumblr dashboard to begin a new picture post.

Add a picture to the post. You can drag and drop the image from your computer, click the camera icon to select an image file, or click "URL" to enter the Web address of an online picture.

Hover your mouse over the picture and click the link icon that appears in the upper corner.

Enter the target URL in the "Set a Click-Through Link" field.

Finish the post and publish it to your blog. When readers click on the picture, a new tab opens to the target Web address.

Sidebar Pictures

Click the "Customize" button on your dashboard to access your blog theme settings.

Find the HTML code for the sidebar image in the Description box. It takes a basic format similar to:

<img src="imageURL"/>

Modify the code as follows:

<a href="linkURL"><img src="imageURL"/></a>

Replace "linkURL" with the Web address of the page to which you want to link the image (keep the quotes around the URL). Also, don't remove any of the original code in the previous step.

Click the image in the preview area to test the link.

Click "Save" and "Exit" after the link works properly.