How to Hide the Picture That Comes With Audio Posts on Tumblr

By Andy Walton

Tumblr's themes govern the look and feel of your blog.
i Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

By default, all Tumblr audio posts have an associated image. This image is controlled by the AlbumArt variable, a piece of Tumblr code that allows the site to automatically extract artwork from an uploaded track's metadata. Alternatively, you can specify a particular image for your post in the Create Post menu, or even stop audio tracks from displaying images altogether by removing the AlbumArt variable from your theme's code. Without this variable, Tumblr has no way to specify which image goes with which track, and posts audio image-free as a result.

Sign in to the Tumblr Dashboard, and then click “Customize” to open the Customize pane.

Click “Edit HTML” to open Tumblr's built-in HTML editor.

Search through the code until you find a line of text text reading “{block:AlbumArt}” (without quotes). There will also be some text reading “{/block:AlbumArt}” a few lines lower down. Delete these two lines and everything in-between them.

Click the “Update Preview” button, and then click the “Save” button to confirm your changes and exit the HTML editor.


Ensure that you do not delete any code outside of the Block AlbumArt variable. Deleting other HTML elements could cause your Tumblr theme to stop working.