How to Customize a Weebly Footer

By Catie Watson

Weebly is a Web-hosting service that allows users to create a free website using an online interactive WYSIWYG builder. According to the company website, there were more than 20 million Weebly websites in 2013. Every free website hosted on Weebly includes a default footer at the bottom of each page with the text “Create a free website with Weebly” and a link to the Weebly home page. You can get rid of it, but you must pay.

Customizing a Weebly Footer

In order to edit the Weebly footer and remove the default ad text you must register for a Weebly Pro or Business premium plan. Under these plans, the default text and link can be removed from the footer and any elements available for use in the content area of a website can be added. The Pro and Business plans require a monthly fee but provide additional advanced features such as the ability to connect to a standalone domain, add multimedia content and integrate an e-commerce shopping cart into a website.