How to Skype Yourself

By Jacob Andrew

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Though you cannot dial your own contact or number, Skype includes a number of tools that help you to test your connection. Though it differs depending on your version of Skype, your contacts contain a number that you can call to play back your audio to you, confirming that your Skype works. Another setting within the options of the Skype client allows you to test and preview streaming video.

Testing the Audio Only

All Skype clients include an entry in the contact list that enables you to test the audio of your call. By calling this contact you’ll be prompted to say some words. These words will then be played back to you precisely as another recipient would hear them. This contact is sometimes referred to as “Echo123,” “Skype Test Call” or “Echo / Sound Test Service.” In all instances, dialing that contact initiates the test process.

Testing the Video

A big part of Skype is the video streaming, which can also be tested through the options menu within the client. Go to “Options” under the Tools menu. Once there, selecting “Video settings” under the General tab should show you exactly what your webcam will stream if a video call were initiated.