How to See Who Views Your Instagram Pictures

By Jen Cordwainer

Instagram analytics can help you discover who's looking at your posts.
i Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Instagram announced in September 2013 that over 150 million people are using their media sharing service, growth that has occurred over the span of three years. Users engage with your posts by clicking "Like" or commenting on a post. Instagram analytics services are available so you can track these engagement metrics. Services like Statigram, Simply Measured and Nitrogram do not currently measure raw viewership statistics, but give you a snapshot of how many people have interacted with your posts via comments, likes and shared URLs.


Visit the Statigram website (link in Resources) and click "Sign in with Instagram." Type in your Instagram account information and click "Log In."

Click "Authorize" to allow Statigram to collect statistics about your posts.

Select your local time zone from the drop-down menu and enter your email in the account contact field. Click "Save and Step In."

Click on the "Statistics" tab to view your reciprocal follower relationships, likes received and comments received.

Scroll down to "Your Scores" to see how many people engage with your photos and view engagement from people who do not follow you.

Simply Measured

Visit the Simply Measured Instagram User Report website (link in Resources) and type your Instagram user name into the provided field. Click "Authenticate any Account with Instagram."

Sign in with your Instagram username and password.

Click "Continue" and Simply Measured generates a report on your current Instagram metrics. This includes total engagement statistics, likes and comments.

Scroll down to "Engagement outside of Instagram" to see who's interacted with your Instagram posts on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. These numbers display tweets, comments and Facebook shares.


Visit the Nitrogram website (link in Resources) and click "Try Our Free Demo."

Sign in with your Instagram account credentials and click "Authorize."

Fill out the name and email field, then click on "Explore the Demo."

The demo generates a report displaying followers gained, likes, comments, top posts based on likes, followers gained and lost by date and follower locations.