Can You Reblog Privately on Tumblr?

By Kevin Lee

You don't have to share your Tumblr posts with the rest of the world.
i Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

While Tumblr is built to help people share interesting information, you can also use it to create a private repository for images, text and other content. You can do that by reblogging posts and making them private. When you reblog a Tumblr post, you're simply blogging something that someone else already published. When you make your reblogs private, you don’t have to worry about other people learning your browsing habits.

Reblog and Keep it Private

When you discover a Tumblr blog that you'd like to reblog privately, click the reblog icon in the post's lower right corner. This icon looks like two arrows pointing in opposite directions. After you click that icon, you'll see the post in a separate window. Type optional text in the editing box if you like, click the arrow next to the "Reblog Post" button and then click "Private." When you click "Create Private Post,” Tumblr publishes the post privately.

Find Your Post

After you create a private post, Tumblr returns you to your dashboard where you normally see recent posts. You won't find the post you just reblogged privately there because it’s private. Click the "Posts" button when you want to view your private posts. Tumblr places the word “Private” above a private post; you won’t see a reblog icon below a private post, but you can click the post options icon to bring up a larger menu.

Almost Private

Even though you make a reblog private, Tumblr cautions members that other people can view private posts under certain conditions. For instance, if you create a secondary blog, you have the option to set up administrators and invite other Tumblr members to share that blog. These admins and Tumblr members can see private reblogs when you make a post on a secondary blog. Ensure that you use your primary blog to reblog posts that you don’t want others to see.

Share Content Privately

If you'd like to create a group where different people can share ideas on one Tumblr blog, set up a secondary blog that has a unique name and URL. You have permission to create up to 10 of these a day, and you can add password protection so that only members can access them. You can then reblog content privately and share it with other members. Secondary blogs cannot submit to other blogs or follow them.