How to Hide Titles on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

Create a custom look for your Tumblr blog.
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Most basic Tumblr themes allow you to hide your blog title with a simple switch in your customization settings -- flip the switch off, and the title disappears. However, if you're using a custom theme that doesn't include this switch, your only options are to switch themes or edit the theme's HTML code manually. Every Tumblr theme is coded a little differently, so it may take a little trial and error to make the right changes.

Flip the Title Switch

Select your blog from the dashboard screen, and then click "Customize" to access your blog's layout settings.

Scroll down the left margin until you see the Appearance settings, and then set the Show Blog Description setting to the "Off" position.

Click "Save," and then select "Exit."

Edit the HTML Code

Select your blog from the dashboard screen, and then click "Customize" to access your blog's layout settings.

Click "Edit HTML" to view the theme's HTML code.

Press "Ctril-F" to bring up the search option, and then enter "{Title}" (without the quotes) into the search field. This is the title variable used in all Tumblr themes.

Click the down arrow to find the correct line of code. There are several places that use the "{Title}" variable. The line of code you want is in the "<body>" section, not the "<head>" section, and is often found near the top.

Insert "<!--" before the line of code and "-->" after the line of code (without the quote marks). These tags set the line off as a comment without deleting it, allowing you to go back and undo the changes if you change your mind or accidentally mess something up. Keep in mind that the line of code may display on more than one line in your editing window.

Click "Update Preview" to see if you made the right changes, and either modify or undo the changes if the title doesn't disappear.

Click "Save" to keep your changes, or click the back arrow next to the gear icon to exit the HTML view without saving.


Making mistakes while editing the HTML code of your theme can permanently mess up your blog layout. Don't attempt to edit the code unless you either have some experience with HTML, or you're willing to start your design over. In a worst case scenario, you can always select a new theme or reselect you old theme with the default settings.