How to Blacklist a User on Tumblr Savior

By Andrea Ruiz

Tumblr Savior blocks mention of any word or phrase on your dashboard.
i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

By installing the Tumblr Savior browser extension on your Web browser, you can quickly block posts on your Tumblr dashboard containing any word or phrase on the extension's blacklist. The script hides any post containing the blacklisted word or phrase. While Tumblr's native features allow you to put users on ignore so that you no longer see their posts on your dashboard, you can use Tumblr Savior to blacklist a username so that you no longer have to see any mention of him from other users as well.

Click the Tumblr Savior icon in your browser bar. If you can't see the button in your browser bar, visit your settings and enable the Tumblr Savior add-on or extension first.

Add the Tumblr username you wish to blacklist in the first blank field of your Tumblr Savior blacklist. You can also blacklist the user's real name, if you know it, as well as any nicknames or abbreviations

Click the "Save" button to make your changes permanent and blacklist any mention of the user on your Tumblr dashboard.


If you'd like to block the user from sending you private messages on Tumblr, you can add the username to your Ignored Users list (link in Resources) by entering the username in the blank field and clicking the "Ignore" button. This also prevents your posts from displaying on the user's dashboard. While the user can still see your public posts by visiting your blog, ignored users can't post replies to your posts.


If the username is a generic term, adding the username to Tumblr Savior's blacklist may block content that contains the word but isn't from the user you'd like to block. You can change your Tumblr settings to display a notice on your dashboard when it blocks a post by clicking the Tumblr Savior button in your browser and selecting the "Settings" tab. Check the boxes next to the types of information you'd like to see on your dashboard about blacklisted posts, and then click the "Save" button to make the changes permanent.