How to Hide the Time on Tumblr

By Ruri Ranbe

A Tumblr theme consists of three components: HTML, CSS and Tumblr's own custom variables. HTML creates a template that defines each element in the layout; CSS modifies the appearance of the objects on the page; and the custom variables add functions integral to the blogging platform. For example, "{block:Text}" creates a text entry on the page, and "{block:Title}" renders the title for the entry. Therefore, to remove the time stamp from your blog posts, you must delete the variable responsible for displaying the date and time.

Log in to your Dashboard, and then click the gear icon to go to Settings.

Choose your blog from the left, and then click "Customize" next to Theme. In the left pane, click "Edit HTML."

Press "Ctrl-F," type "{block:Date}" (without quotes) into the search field, and then press "Enter." Highlight all of the text between and including the "{block:Date}" and "{/block:Date}" tags, and then press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Click "Update Preview" to review your changes, and then click "Save" to remove the time stamp from your posts.

Click the back arrow, and then click "Exit" to return to your Dashboard.


Depending on your theme, you may also need to remove the "{block:NewDayDate}" or "{block:SameDayDate}" tags.