How to Make the Post Description Show in Tumblr

By Tammy Columbo

Display descriptions under your Tumblr photo and link posts.
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To make the post description show in a Tumblr photo or link post, the Caption field must contain text or an image. Otherwise, the Caption field does not display in the post. You can add text, HTML, links and images to the Caption box to display as the description for your post. You can also add tags for your post in the Tags text box under the Caption box. If your customized theme code prevents your captions from displaying in the browser, edit the HTML code to remove the PermalinkPage tags surrounding the Caption tags.

Insert Post Caption

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the blog containing the post in the right panel, then browse to the post to edit.

Click the gear icon under the post to edit, then click “Edit.” The post opens in Edit mode. The Caption rich text editor appears under the image or text of the post.

Click inside the Caption box, then type a description for the post. Format the text and characters with the formatting tools in the editor’s top tool bar. Click the “Camera” icon to insert an image. Highlight some text you typed in the Caption box, then click the “Link” icon to insert a hyperlink.

Click the “<html>” link switch to the HTML editor. Type HTML code into the editor’s text box, if desired.

Click the “Post” icon to publish the post when finished with the modifications. The description displays under the post.

Remove PermalinkPage Tags

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then click the blog to edit in the right panel.

Click the “Customize” option under the blog name in the right panel to open the blog in the Customize tool.

Click the “Edit HTML” link to open the theme code in the HTML editor.

Press “Ctrl-F” to open the Find dialog box. Type “{block:PermalinkPage}” in the Find box, then click “Find.” Delete both the opening and closing PermalinkPage tags.

Click “Save,” then click “Exit.” Preview your post caption in the browser.


When you create a new Photo post from Tumblr dashboard, the Caption text box is available after the photo is uploaded or acquired.