How to Untag Yourself From a Picture on Instagram

By Danielle Fernandez

Untag yourself from embarrassing Instagram photos you don't want shared.
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The tagging feature on Instagram gives other users a way to identify you in images and adds the photo to your personal collection -- in the "Photos of You" tab instead of your main profile. Tagging is an effective way to connect with others who share the same interests or participate in the same activities. When a tag publishes a photo of you that you'd rather not share, however, you can remove the tag so others don't see it.

Launch Instagram on your mobile device and tap the "Photos of You" tab, which is located on the far right of your tabs and looks like a silhouette of a person in a box.

Select the photo from which you wish to untag yourself and then tap the "..." under the image.

Select "Photo Options" and then "More Options."

Tap "Hide from My Profile" to remove the image from your profile. Note that this will still keep your user name tagged on the image, which means you will still be identifiable if someone is looking at it from the other user's profile.

Tap “Remove Me From Photo” to remove your tag altogether. Confirm by tapping "Yes, I'm Sure."

Require Tagging Permission

Navigate to your Instagram profile and switch to the "Photos of You" tab.

Tap the "Options" icon in the top right corner -- it looks like three stacked dots on an Android device and a gear on an iOS device.

Tap "Add Manually." From now on, any time you are tagged by other users, you will have to approve the tag before your identity is included in the published photo.


Instagram will notify you of any tags that have been implemented by users you are following.

Instead of tapping the "..." under the image, you can also tap the photo and then tap your user name as it appears in the tag. You can then select "Hide from My Profile" or tap "More Options" and untag yourself using the "Remove Me from Photo" command.


If you are tagged in a photo posted by user you are not following, you will not receive notification of the tag. You will also not be able to see the photo -- although that user’s followers will be able to see both the photo and the tag.