Facebook App Won't Allow Video Upload

By Elizabeth Smith

With optimized videos, the Facebook app makes uploading easy.
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Facebook's mobile app enables you to capture and upload videos directly from your device. If you are encountering problems with a video upload, it's often due to the file itself. By inspecting the video and troubleshooting connection problems, you can resolve upload problems at home or at school, without waiting for help from the Facebook support team.

Checking Your Internet Connection

One of the most important factors in a Facebook video upload is the Internet connection. When you are connected to a network that is slow or intermittent, your video may fail to upload. If you have been using a 3G or 4G connection, connect to a Wi-Fi network and retry the upload. In general, a Wi-Fi network provides faster speeds, which can improve your chances of video upload success.

Verifying the Video Format

Facebook's video upload system supports almost all video formats, from standard MPEG and Windows Media video files to the more obscure Ogg media format and TOD video. If you are having trouble uploading, check to make sure that your video is in a format that is accepted by Facebook (see References). If not, try converting your video file to MP4 format. According to Facebook, MP4 videos are the easiest to upload. In addition, ensure that your video's aspect ratio is between 9:16 and 16:9.

Optimizing the Video Files

When it comes to video compression, Facebook recommends using H.264 encoding and AAC audio. The H.264 codec optimizes compression so that you achieve the best video quality while staying within the size restrictions. In terms of pixel width, Facebook advises that you stick to 1280px; wider videos are automatically resized by the uploader, which can further complicate the process. Other video best practices include using an audio sample rate of 44,100 hertz and keeping the frame rate below 30fps. By sticking with Facebook's optimization guidelines, you can make it easier for the app to upload your file.

Checking the Video Size

The size of a video plays a big part in the success of a Facebook upload. According to Dreamgrow, verified Facebook accounts support videos of up to 1024MB and 20 minutes in length. If your video is too large, it won't upload. If it falls within the size limits, you might not be waiting long enough. According to Facebook, a video upload can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours.