Does Skype Automatically Request People?

by David Wayne

When you add contacts to Skype, your contacts are stored on a server, so you don't have to add them to your contact list again when you reinstall Skype on a new computer. Skype provides a way to import contacts from a Facebook or email account but doesn't automatically send requests on your behalf. If someone has received a request that you didn't send, consider changing your password as your account may have been compromised.

Request Contacts From Other Accounts

Skype can import contacts from Facebook, Microsoft Outlook and other social media accounts. Click “Contacts,” “Import Contacts” and select an account from the menu. Enter your username and password and click “Import.” Skype displays the contacts from your other account, and you can add them to Skype by clicking “Add.” The contacts are added to your list, but a question mark is displayed by a contact's name until he accepts your request. Importing contacts from other accounts is the only way to automatically request Skype contacts.

Unauthorized Requests Sent From Your Account

If a person has received a request that you didn't send, your username and password may have been stolen. While you can't change your Skype ID, you can change your password by clicking “Change Password” in the main Skype window. Enter your old password in the first two fields and enter your new password in the last field. Visit the Skype customer support page to contact Skype about possible abuse (link in Resources). Send emails regarding unauthorized account activity to

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